Technical Diagnosis and Expert Inspection

The important part of industrial safety expert review of hazardous safety facilities is a set of works concerning technical diagnosis and non-destructive testing.

Non-destructive testing is one of the main elements of the providing industrial safety of technical devices, buildings, constructions while constructing and use of the hazardous safety facilities.

LLC Stroymarket 99 has its own laboratory, which has an accreditation in the GosStandart of Russian Federation, and a laboratory of non-destructive testing methods, which is accredited in the system of Industrial safety expert review.

LLC Stroymarket 99 provides technical diagnosis and expert inspection of technical devices and building constructions:

  • Lifting equipment;
  • Steam boilers and boot boilers with the working pressure 4 megapascals;
  • Steam and hot water line pipes of the 3rd and 4th category;
  • Equipment working under the pressure more than 0,07 megapascals;
  • Industrial ventilation tubing and smokestacks;
  • Gas supply system;
  • Explosive and harmful chemical production.

The following works connected with non-destructive testing are also being done:

  • Visual and metrical control
  • Ultrasonic detection
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • X-ray control
  • Dye penetrate inspection (capillary method)
  • Whirlwind fault detection
  • Whirlwind thickness measurements
  • Magnetic particle method control
  • Magnetographic method control